Distribution of water and sewage systems

Our Know-how regarding all factors for event organization includes the distribution of water and sewage systems. We have everything you need to build complex systems in locations with or without hydraulic infrastructure.

We use high pressure hoses for feed and tubing to drain.


Reliable partnerships and investment in security

If you need power generation systems at your event, you have found the right partner. We have the best cost-benefit ratio in the market thanks to the great partnerships with renowned companies in the area. We offer innovative and quality services, without neglecting the agility and safety of all involved.


Efficient solutions with intelligent engineering

Here we guarantee the support of a strong and skilled engineering team to develop your projects. All Engeve professionals are qualified by CREA – Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy – Engineering and are responsible for the supervision of the stages of the works until their realization. Solutions for electrical projects, lightning rod, grounding, hydraulic systems and compressed air.


Power transfer with efficiency and safety

Transformers are used to transfer electrical energy or electrical power from one circuit to another, usually by varying current and voltage values, or by modifying electrical impedance values.

We have autotransformers and isolating transformers available for rental, ideal for isolating sound and lighting in generator sets. They are single-phase and three-phase equipment, for low and medium voltage of origin and quality.


Energy with low maintenance costs and sustainable DNA

Compressed air is a form of advanced energy in the manufacturing industry, which acts as a power source for various tools and machinery. Among its advantages are the low maintenance costs, low weight in relation to power and the possibility of a high load over a long period of time without overheating.