Electrical infrastructure for shows

All these features and the excellent service provided by a highly qualified team of electrical and work safety engineers, make Engeve a reference in electrical support and a major highlight in the area of ​​electrical infrastructure for shows. The wide range of services, such as electrical, hydraulic and power generation systems positions the company with a great difference in the market, since it is able to meet high demands and has extensive capacity to develop specific projects.

Engeve has a presence in electrical infrastructure for shows in all areas: on stage, dining areas, dressing room, sound system, among others, always researching and making possible the use of new technologies and advanced systems.


Atmospheric Protection System

The company is implementing in 2017 an Atmospheric Protection System as a pioneer in Brazil. The Surge Protection Device or “DPS” is an extremely advanced equipment and widely used outside the country at major events and outdoor shows. This equipment predicts lightning strikes at the event site by measuring the electrostatic charge of the clouds in an area of ​​at least 35 km radius, or, from an atmospheric reading, is able to perceive the approach of storms. This feature enables evacuation of the site in advance and guarantees the safety of thousands of people.

The Atmospheric Protection System is most effective in protecting and preventing lightning since traditional lightning arresters are most often used to guard buildings and electronic equipment and become unviable in large areas or open fields.