Engeve service capacity

Do you have the infrastructure and also need the electrical installations or still need to start from scratch? We have and developed the best solutions for both cases. We have the most advanced equipment, the latest technologies and better performance for electrical distribution in locations with or without infrastructure.


Qualified team and high degree of involvement and responsibility

To take care of every detail, we have a solid team of engineers, who are in charge of the planning studies and feasibility of the works and who coordinate and accompany the project until its realization.


Normative regulations, qualification and process standardization

We do not give up security. Our Labor Safety Engineering sector ensures that the technical team is very well trained to act safely, optimizing time and streamlining processes. The techniques are updated constantly and each employee works using personal protective equipment, meeting 100% of the regulatory standards of NR 10[1].Our materials are imported and with a totally reliable cable docking system.


NR-10 is the Regulatory Norm issued by the Ministry of Labor and Employment of Brazil that aims to ensure the safety and health of workers interacting with electricity facilities and services.